Gifted And Talented Education (GATE)

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Hwa Chong Gifted And Talented Education (GATE) ProgrammeGATE is a new initiative that was started in 2013 to provide a holistic education for our gifted and talented students.Key features and focus of the programme include:
  • Extended and Accelerated Advanced-level curriculum
  • Passion-driven Electives and Enrichment
  • Overseas Summer Programme Opportunities
  • Character Development Focused Programmes

Extended and Accelerated Advanced-level curriculumOn top of the A-Level curriculum, GATE students can choose to accelerate and deepen their learning in Mathematics or one of the Science subjects--- your subject of specialization, eg GATE(Chemistry). There will be distinctive pedagogies used in the classrooms to help hone the students' ability and skills in critical thinking, problem solving and build habits for independent lifelong learning.
Passion-driven Electives and EnrichmentEvery GATE student will be participate in at least 30 hours of electives, workshops and enrichment beyond the core curriculum to allow them to deepen their passion in their areas of choice as well as explore new interests. These activities will be conducted by professionals and experts from the fields like professors from universities (both locally and overseas), established professionals and our own specially-trained in-housed teachers. There will also be opportunities for students to initiate own workshops. This gives them a chance to share their interests with their friends and demonstrate their talents and leadership qualities.
Examples of some electives and workshops that have been conducted are:
  • Creative Problem Solving in Mathematics and Science (NUS, Prof. Leong HW)
  • Mathematical Modelling of the Physical World Using Differential Equations (NTU, Dr Ho SY)
  • Fourier Transformation and its Application in Music (NTU, Dr Ho SY)
  • Theory of Knowledge (HCI, Dr Melvyn Lim)
  • Introduction to Law and Singapore Constitution (Joseph Tan Jude Benny Law Firm, Mr Steven Lam)
  • Financial Literacy (Aviva-Asia, Mr Patrick Tay )

Overseas Summer Programmes

Students can choose to partake in both school initiated as well as GATE initiated overseas summer programmes to extend their learning beyond the classroom. These summer programmes will also give students opportunities to interact with other talented students from around the world as well as explore further educational opportunities abroad.
Example of summer programmes our GATE students have participated in so far are:
  • REACH Cambridge Summer Programme (Cambridge, USA)
  • Stanford International Youth Program (California, USA)
  • Yale Young Global Scholars (Connecticut, USA)
Through customised talent development programmes, individuals are empowered to take ownership of their own learning, broaden their passion, and deepen their mastery.