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Time Line
3 Jan 2017, Tuesday
On-line registration system is open for JC 1 students.
10Jan 2017, Tuesday
System closes.
13Jan 2017, Fri noon
Release of any updates & changes to IP Activities schedule.

Objectives of the Programme
  1. To provide enrichment activities to enhance learning in academic subjects.
  2. To identify specific needs of IP & DSA students through standardized diagnostic evaluation.
  3. To provide relevant exposure to subjects and Special Programmes offered at JC Level.
  4. To allocate subject combination for JC One.
  5. To support smooth transition to College

Programme Highlights
- Lectures and sample lessons on specific JC topics will be taught.
- Some assessment of fundamental understanding will be set and conducted for self-evaluation.
- Selection tests for Special Programmes i.e. SMTP, GATE & KI will be conducted for interested students.
- There will be briefings on subject combinations and students will have to submit their choice of subject combinations.

  • The IP Activities are planned for IP students from Sec 4 NYGH and HCI as well as DSA.
  • Your attendance for the IP Activities is compulsory.
  • Parents must write-in to Deputy Principals (College Section) for any exemption from the programme.
  • Only valid reasons e.g. sick leave, will be acceptable as an excuse for absence from the activities.
  • Courses are divided into compulsory courses and optional courses. Students will be able to choose and sign-up for optional courses.
  • There will be no cap on the courses that you can sign-up.
  • You must attend all compulsory courses and all the courses that you have signed up. Disciplinary actions will be taken against you if you are absent without a valid reason.

  • You are expected to be in your formal school uniform during lectures & lessons.
  • You should be punctual for your lectures.
  • You should be attentive during lessons and participate fully in the activities.