Science & Math Talent Programme (SMTP)

1. Why the need for SMTP?

The Hwa Chong SMTP aims to
Provide an integrated and enriched curriculum which caters for high achieving students with a passion for Mathematics and the Sciences;
Provide a stimulating environment that nurtures the independent and inquisitive learner; and
Create opportunities for passion-focused activities in research, higher-level academic pursuits and other scholastic endeavours.

2. What is the framework of SMTP at the college level?

The Core Curriculum follows a lecture and tutorial system and is designed to ENRICH by broadening the learning experience, ACCELERATE by providing the right pace for high ability students and EXTEND by deepening the learning through higher order thinking processes in the various subject areas. The curriculum is flexible (e.g. through independent self-study) to meet the needs of the students.

The Elective Curriculum is an extension curriculum that serves to EXCITE and ENRICH students to a wide variety of fields in Sciences and Mathematics. The experiential modules will be well integrated to provide for a relevant and multidisciplinary learning experience including appropriate combination of self-directed investigations, guided learning, expert lectures and talks, learning journeys and laboratory experiments

3. How do I know if I am suitable for SMTP?
SMTP Chart.jpg
SMTP is for you if you
  • Value the interaction and friendship with like-minded individuals who have a strong aptitude for Mathematics and Sciences.
  • Are interested to study Mathematics and Science at a deeper level and at an appropriate pace for high ability students.
  • Wish for opportunities to explore Mathematics and Sciences in an integrated manner relevant to the real world